Braving the Light
Braving the Light
Finding your way with awareness.

 Braving the Lens

Ritual Portrait Sessions


To me, one of the most beautiful things is the look in someone’s eye when they’re being themselves and it is my highest intention to capture that. Being seen, truly seen, is a challenging and vulnerable experience. We so often live our lives behind a collection of masks. Soul work is both beautiful and ugly; joyous and painful. It is my highest intention to establish a real connection with the magnificent souls who stand before my lens and capture their authenticity.

As we grow and illuminate, bit by bit, the darker parts of ourselves, it is what we find in the light that takes the most courage. Braving the Lens is about honoring that courage and all the work you have done on yourself. It’s about standing in the light; embodying your entire being so that you can present to the world the most authentic version of yourself.

If your looking for a more soulful approach to your family or business photos, it would be an honor to work with you.


Session Packages


$250 Authentic Portraits

Clearing & intention setting ritual

1hr photo session

10 high res images


$320 Delicious Details

Clearing & intention setting ritual

1hr photo session

15 high res images


$15 - Single Image

Each session typically delivers approx. 30-60 images to choose from. If you feel you just have to have more than your package limit, you can purchase additional images at $15/ea.